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If Human Capital is the oil of our economy,

Our Creative Capital is the oilfield we tap into to fuel that Human Capital.

We define Creative Capital as our capacity to create impact and income based on that creativity. Little is known about the relationship between our creativity and our economic earning capacity.

In order to research this, we will look at; 

Which factors comprise the value of creativity?

How can we estimate the value of creativity?

What increases the value of creativity?

What makes creative professionals more or less financially independent?

CaseStudy CIRI

The Creative Impact Research Institute (CIRI) was founded for the specific purpose of researching the value of creativity and its underlying factors, and sharing this knowledge with the world. CIRI’s first program will focus on improving a measurement instrument for Creative Capital.

National Study Creative Capital

In its initial phase, the program has begun the development of a measurement instrument on a limited number (40) of creative professionals

In its second phase, the instrument will be further developed by applying it to three cases: two will be run by independent educational or training institutes. The third one will be designed by Braenstorm, and executed by braenworks and cre8tiverevolution academy, designed and run by the CreativeRevolution consortium CreativeRevolution consortium. With an expected total of 100 participants, we aim to improve the instrument based on insight from both qualitative and quantitative methods.

In its third phase, CIRI aims to begin validation of the instrument, on multiple large representative samples of participants from multiple contexts, in conjunction with other validated research instruments.

The findings of CIRI will be disseminated to traditional and private educational institutions, as well as education professionals. The aim is to help them further improve their programs, so students can benefit from improved effectiveness of education with regard to their Creative Capital.

Creative Capital is the most illuster of raw materials

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